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Searching the Scott County Iowa Cemetery Database

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Explanation of Transcription
The original indexers in the 1970s and 1980s transcribed stones by plot. They assigned plot numbers East to West as they were going through the cemetery. Each transcription could refer to one stone or to a group of stones near each other.

SCLS staff recorded these transcriptions as they appeared in the printed volumes.  The whole transcription was entered for each name listed. People who may not have been buried at the site but were listed on a stone were also indexed to assist genealogists in making family connections.

Plot Numbers

Plot numbers were taken from the original transcription. This may be different from the Lot numbers assigned by current cemetery management. When the information was available, Lot numbers were recorded in the comments field. Plot numbers may or may not correspond to official cemetery records. In addition, some cemeteries are still active and may have changed their numbering system since the original transcription was recorded. St. Ann’s in Long Grove is one example of differing plot and lot numbers. The graves, however, at St. Ann’s have not been moved so the family name information should still provide valuable guidance.

Recording Surnames

The original indexers often pulled family names off to the side in the printed volumes (see example below). SCLS staff assumed that these surnames belonged to the people listed next to them. Library staff recorded these names in brackets.


In addition, because of the time periods dealt with in these cemeteries, SCLS staff assumed that husbands and wives shared the same last name and that children shared the last name of their parents.

Search Tips

Using a Wildcard to Search

The asterisk * is used as a wildcard in the cemetery database. This can help you search for partial names or dates.

For example, to search for a Grell born in the 1800s, type Grell in the last name field and 18* in birth year field to pull in Grells born anytime in the 1800s. Although assumed names are recorded in [brackets], brackets and other punctuation are not necessary for searches to work properly.


Insert an asterisk at the end of a name to search for partial first or last names.

This can also help with variant spellings of names. For example, Herman could be spelled with one or two n’s at the end. If you type Herman* , both spellings will be returned.


Use of Initials on Headstones

In many cases only first initials are listed on headstones. An asterisk will bring in more potential matches. For example, search for John Grell and J* Grell. It is possible that an ancestor may be listed several different ways in one cemetery because of the tradition of including familial relationships on headstones.


Variant Spellings

If no results appear, try variant spellings of names. For example, a family name of Jacobsen may have changed spellings over the years so you could search under Jakobsen, Jacobson or Jakobson.

Broad Searches

To see every listing in a particular cemetery, simply select the cemetery and leave the rest of the fields blank. Hitting search will return results for the whole cemetery.


To see all the Civil War Veterans listed in the Scott County Cemetery Records, pick the additional marker of Civil War Veteran, leave the rest of the fields blank and hit search.


Please be aware that broad searches may take longer to return results.


When multiple pages of results are returned, sort by cemetery, last name, birth date or death date. Simply use the Sort by dropdown box and hit Search again.

Other Resources

The printed volumes of the Scott County Cemetery Records Volumes 1 and 2 are available at the Scott County Library System – Eldridge Branch, the Bettendorf Public Library, the Davenport Main Library, and the Musser Public Library. Print volumes are reserved for “In Library Use only”.

The Davenport Main Library houses the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center, which is a treasure trove of local history. Their hours are listed on their website.

You can also search marriage, probate and other local indexes online through the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center.

The Pine Hill Cemetery in Davenport also has indexed most of that cemetery online.

Memorial Park Cemetery in Moline has a grave search as well.

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